From 1999 on I followed sculpting workshops. I was so excited that I went on sculpting. I visit many sculpture gardens, exhibitions, galleries and museums, and am inspired by it. My images are created in two ways. From the shape of a stone I work towards the final product. Alternatively, I design at first and then look for the stone that matches well with it. I often work on more images at the same time. During the process the images are in my studio. The final orientation of an image I determine as soon as it is almost finished and I observe the language of the shape as it is at its best. Sometimes I use other materials to enhance the shape or emphasize it; for example, rusty iron.




Speksteen 11 x 29 x 10 cm


Albast-Ijzer 15 x 22 x 50 cm


Ik slaap


Sail away
Albast-ijzer 42 x 23 x 06 cm