All images are to be seen on my site, but not all images are always present at my home. A number of them is often on show. The images, which are sold, can be recognized by the red sticker. Images made from the stone Pierre de Lens, Savonnière and serpentine are hardy and can stand outside all year.

Project cocoons
This project consist of vife cocoons. The cocoon stands for safety and security. Phases and structured growth and development takes place and its other protection. The cocoon starts broad, but ends as a circle. The circle symbolizes lighting, protection and change fort he better

Project Wind Gods
The Wind Gods project is bases on Greek mythology. A rich heritage, inspired by gods and heroes, which had a great influence on Western culture. The wind gods were always pictured horizontally and flying.

Project circles
This project consists of 12 circles. Each circle has a different shape. They are all made of pink alabaster. Depending on the light angle and the light intensity alabaster reflects a different colour. Each image is titled ‘circle’, but in another European language each time.

Project headpieces
The project ‘Headpieces’is completed.
Heads from alabaster, serpentine or soapstone. Just a head? A guirky person? A leader? A king on a coin?

Project Drups
These drip compositions have arisen from alabaster.